Cleanroom Glazing and Wallcovering

Boltaron offers clear and white, corrosion-resistant, high-impact CPVC and PVC/Acrylic sheet certified to Factory Mutual (FM4910), UL 723 or CLASS 1A fire standards for semiconductor, electronic, pharmaceutical, biomedical and other cleanroom applications:

  • Glazing of windows in cleanroom wall and doors
  • Fabricating/surfacing of cleanroom walls, partitions, doors and panels
Recommended grades:

  • Boltaron 4325 (Clear)
    A transparent gray/blue, corrosion resistant CPVC sheet with a smooth polished surface on both sides, Boltaron 4325 is the only American made transparent CPVC material that meets Factory Mutual Global Cleanroom Materials flammability test protocol (Class 4910). It is widely used by the world's largest manufacturers and users of cleanrooms for glazing of windows in cleanroom walls, partitions and doors.

  • Boltaron 4333 (White and Custom Colors)
    Boltaron's Rigiwall® 4333 is a white, Class 1-A rated, proprietary PVC/Acrylic alloy sheet for protective interior wall covering applications. It offers excellent durability, impact strength, abrasion resistance, and stain and chemical resistance, and is widely used by the world's largest manufacturers and users of cleanrooms for fabricating/surfacing of cleanroom walls, partitions and doors. Custom colors are available for interior applications.

  • Boltaron 4353
    Boltaron RIGIWALL® 4353 combines exceptional durability, the widest range of color and texture options and long service life in a wallcovering material for schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other high traffic environments.

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