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This combination of processes gives our sheet materials the unique design and forming characteristics that enable us to offer solutions that meet the exact requirements of diverse industries and applications including: aerospace, mass transportation, general thermoforming, corrosion resistance and wall protection.

Our manufacturing facility produces calendered, extruded and press laminated rigid film and sheet from 6 mm to 4 inches thick, in standard and custom dimensions, colors and compounds. Currently in operation at our Newcomerstown, OH plant is 1 calender line, 4 extrusion lines and 3 laminating presses in nearly 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.


How it Works


Extrusion – A continuous manufacturing process that involves conveying mixed plastic compound through a heated barrel by a specially disengaged spiral shaped screw. The original powder blend is converted into a molten plastic mass that exits through a die which flattens the mass into a sheet of designated width and thickness. The sheet then passes through heated embossing rolls which impart a predetermined surface finish prior to trimming to the final sheet dimension. A variety of surface finishes are available.

Benefits of extrusion: Unlimited colors at low minimums. Sheet or rolls in opaque and capped with 10 standard textures.


Calendering – Raw materials in powder form are fused into a homogeneous molten mass through heat and friction shear in a mixing chamber. This molten plastic is fed into a series of heated revolving rollers that squeeze the material to a desired thickness. After leaving the rollers the material passes through a series of surface conditioning and cooling rolls from which it is wound into custom rolls or cut into specified sheet dimensions.

Benefits of calendering: Produces thin gauge sheet and translucent films so you can order clear, opaque and special effect sheet, such as metallics, in 7 unique textures.


Press Lamination – A process of producing various thicknesses of plastic sheet by using heat and pressure, over a designated period of time, to fuse several thin sheets of plastic together to form one solid sheet of material. Colors can be combined to produce a multicolor edge effect and reinforcing medium, such as wire, may be embedded between layers to tailor material for a specific application.

Benefits of press lamination: Unlimited custom textures in a range of thin to thick single or multi-layer composites.

Our Global network of Thermoplastic Solutions

SIMONA Boltaron is a division of the SIMONA AMERICA Group – three high performing manufacturing facilities under one management and technical leadership group. Offering a diverse range of material technologies and expert solutions to our customers and partners all over the world. Visit the global SIMONA website.

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