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Make a Clear Impact

Our translucent decorative sheet technology transforms FAA compliant materials into a means of incorporating light, visibility, and style into the cabin interior. Customize high impact design areas with distinctive forms, unique patterns, and dramatic textures that make your interior vision clearly stand out.

These custom-routed translucent panels for aircraft interior components made from Boltaron® 4350 meet FAR regulations for class dividers, partitions and other decorative trim and finish features.


Download the Boltaron® 4350 Technical Data Sheet

Translucents Gallery

Translucent materials with unique pressed textures and embedded prints add style and dimension to traditional galley panels, class windows, and privacy dividers. Our hands-on design and engineering support teams will work with you to find the right grade of material for your design project and will recommend the best textures to result in the most beautiful and longest lasting parts.