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Custom Textured FAR 65/65 Rated Sheet

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Design Options

Wide Range Available
True Pearl, Metallic
Impress Printing®
500 lb

Boltaron® 9815P is a proprietary, fire retardant, extruded PVC/Acrylic alloy that is offered in unlimited surface textures and unlimited colors, providing designers with new ways to enhance the appearance of aircraft interior components.

It differs from Boltaron® 9815E (extruded) sheet in that it is press-laminated, offering unlimited custom textures economically in low minimums with fast turnaround, allowing the production of prototypes and limited runs prior to full-scale production.

In addition, the sheet exhibits exceptional physical properties, most notably Izod impact resistance of 5.0 ft-lb/in. (265 J/m), significantly improving the durability of thermoformed aircraft interior components, while meeting stringent FAA requirements for flammability, smoke generation and heat release.

The Boltaron® 9815 aircraft rated product family comprises 9815E extruded sheet, 9815M in metallic finishes, 9815D with unlimited decorative effects, 9815P in the widest range of textures, and 9815F film and thin-gauge sheet for two- and three dimensional laminating.


  • Wide range of surface textures and colors
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • Uniform high quality appearance
  • Wall thickness integrity in deep draw forming
  • Full range of colors, finishes
  • Lot-to-lot color consistency


  • Instrument panel housings and air ducts
  • Class dividers and bulkhead laminates
  • Galley and lavatory components
  • Bull noses, gap covers and moldings
  • Aircraft seating components

Aircraft Interior Uses

  • Aircraft seat shell
  • Tray table
  • Head rest
  • IFE bezel
  • Lavatory components

Performance Details

FAR Ratings

  • FAR 25.853(a)(i) (Flammability) (Vertical burn, 60 sec) Pass
  • FAR 25.853(a)(ii) (Flammability) (Vertical burn, 12 sec) Pass
  • FAR 25.853(d)(Part IV) (OSU Heat Release) (Peak - HRR, kW/m2 <65) (2 Min - HRR, kW min/m2 <65)
  • FAR 25.853(d)(Part V) (NBS Smoke) (Ds Max <200)


  • Name Test Method Imperial Metric
  • Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.49
  • Tensile Strength ASTM D638 5,500 psi 38 MPa
  • Flexural Strength ASTM D790 8,700 psi 60 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 410,000 psi 2,827 MPa
  • Izod Impact Notched ASTM D256 73 °F 5.0 ft-lb/in 23 °C 265 J/m
  • Hardness Rockwell ASTM D785 107
  • Heat Deflection Annealed ASTM D648 170 °F @ 264 PSI 77 °C @1.8 MPa

* Independent lab tests. All tests at 73 °F (23 °C) in dry conditions unless otherwise noted.

Sheet Sizes

  • Name Imperial Metric
  • Lengths 120 in 3,048 mm
  • Widths to 48 in depending on pattern to 1,219 mm
  • Gauges from 0.040 to 0.125 in from 1.02 to 3.2 mm
  • Custom Sizes Blank sizes, gauges on request

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