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New Boltaron® 9815N Tested by GermFalcon® to Withstand Long-Term UV-C Cleaning Within the Aircraft Interior

SIMONA Boltaron’s new FAR 25.853 (a) and (d) compliant material Boltaron® 9815N was developed to meet the critical needs of airlines in the post COVID-19 world

Newcomerstown, Ohio – May 7, 2020 – SIMONA Boltaron is pleased to announce the launch of a new product developed for use in 2D or 3D thermoformed aircraft interior seat parts, Boltaron® 9815N.

Boltaron 9815N was engineered to be the next generation of SIMONA Boltaron’s leading high-impact product, 9815E. With a focus on improving the overall quality of 9815E, the new Boltaron 9815N formulation also enhances its ability to withstand regular ultraviolet-C (UV-C) disinfection. UV-C cleaning is a practice frequently used in healthcare applications and is expected to be more frequently utilized in aircraft interiors.

To verify these results, SIMONA Boltaron collaborated with GermFalcon®, the first UV-C system designed for airplanes. GermFalcon kills bacteria and viruses using hospital proven doses of ultraviolet-C light using its patented machine built to disinfect the most challenging surfaces.

In an independent test by GermFalcon, Boltaron 9815N samples were tested to understand its performance after long-term UV-C exposure. Several factors were observed, including color changes, bending properties and impact resistance. The samples were exposed to doses of exposure equaled to 1-6 years of UV-C exposure.

GermFalcon used Dimer Protocol 62-4c, which is a test protocol for UV-C Exposure Effects on Surfaces after 6 Years.

“To achieve a 99.99% germicidal rate, an average 10.0 mJ/cm2 UV-C dose is anticipated. One year of daily GermFalcon use causes approximately 3,650 mJ/cm2 UV-C exposure. A 10% safety factor brings the annual exposure of 4,000 mJ/cm2 (minimum) at the surface tested.

Placed under the UV-C chamber lamps were powered until the cumulative dose on the exposed band reached 4,000 mJ/cm2, corresponding to a 1 year UV-C exposure. The lamps were then shut down. The mask was next moved to expose the “5” and “6” horizontal bands. The chamber’s lamps were powered until the cumulative dose reached 4,000 mJ/cm2. This exposed the “5” band to 4,000 mJ/cm2 and the “6” band to a total 8,000 mJ/cm2. Successive bands were exposed to 4000 mJ/cm2 and the mask moved to the next lower number, exposing the samples to doses in listed in the table. “0” band was not exposed to UV-C.”

At the conclusion of the test, the Boltaron 9815N samples were observed in open daylight with levels >3000 lux to detect and emphasize color changes.

As a result, the 9815N test samples showed no visible changes over a 6-year equivalent UV-C exposure. The tactile “feel” as well as bending properties appeared unchanged, with no cracking.

“Our research and development teams dove right in to come up with a material formulation that would provide the long term performance and durability that our customers can rely on as they ramp up their cleaning frequency and techniques,” said Kevin Asti, President. “Understanding the cleaning technologies that are available to the aircraft interiors industry, such as GermFalcon, and how they interact with our materials is critical to that process.”

Additionally, 9815N is safe to clean using all aviation interior cleaning products, including those that contain quaternary ammonium salts, with no adverse effects to the appearance of the material. These cleaning products include, but are not limited to:

  • Callington Aero Glass Cleaner
  • Real Clean Aerocide
  • Celeste Sani-cide EX3
  • Celeste Sani-com 3205 Pre-moistened Towel


Boltaron 9815N is available in custom colors and the industry’s widest range of textures to allow for design flexibility, as well as regulatory compliance.

SIMONA Boltaron is AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 certified and prepared to provide a high level of quality and satisfaction throughout the manufacture of semi-finished sheet and thermoformed parts throughout the supply chain of the aircraft interiors market.

SIMONA Boltaron’s commitment to quality is equal to its dedication to providing world-class customer service. Early this year, the company was awarded a bronze level Stevie® Award in the Sales Support Team of the Year category.

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Boltaron 9815N

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