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Holster grade Boltaron® 4332 sheet’s unique combination of mechanical properties, exceptional impact strength, resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and its flame test ratings have made it a preferred material for the most rigorous application conditions.


Think texture. Think Boltaron.

Apply real-life Boltaron textures to your 3D renderings. Visualize colors, prints and textures with our build-in configurators. Visit SIMONA Vision Factory for more information.


Design with hygiene in mind.

Medical grade Boltaron® 4335 sheet’s offers excellent flammability and chemical resistance. Contact us to choose the high performance plastics that fulfill your medical processing requirements.


Take product design to the next level and apply our real-life textures to your 3D renderings. Easier to access than ever, our wide range of material textures is now available for use on KeyShot.



Boltaron® 9865 and 4365 TERREFORM® Recycled-Grade formable FSH sheet. Made from recycled thermoplastics, this is a lightweight solution for molded aircraft interior parts where aesthetic perfection is not a requirement.



Designing products for healthcare, transportation and aviation environments has unique challenges as the need for cleanliness, passenger and patient safety are heightened. Here are some material design choices that you can make so that you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for cleanability.

You imagine. Let’s innovate together.

Can we help you select the best grade of sheet to meet your performance and design requirements?
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Full Range of FAR-Rated Sheet for Aircraft Interior Components

SIMONA Boltaron materials are specially formulated to meet the performance specifications required for use in aircraft interiors.

Classified under the Boltaron 9000 Series and 4000 Series names, this broad range of available materials ensures that SIMONA Boltaron can recommend an exceptional material solution for your project.

9000 Series

9000 Series

9000 Series

Materials rated for flammability, smoke, and heat release.
Featuring Boltaron® 9815 High Impact.

4000 Series

4000 Series

4000 Series

Materials rated for flammability.
Featuring Boltaron® 4350 Clear.


Valerie Glover Joins SIMONA AMERICA Group as Marketing Manager
SIMONA AMERICA Group is pleased to announce that Valerie Glover has joined the company as Marketing Manager. In her new position, Valerie is responsible for setting the marketing strategy and direction for the company and its three US-based manufacturing divisions. She will also lead the marketing team in various communication initiatives and further developing the reach and recognition of the SIMONA brand.
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Autumn Werner promoted to SIMONA AMERICA Group Sustainability Manager
SIMONA AMERICA Group is pleased to announce that Autumn Werner has been promoted to Sustainability Manager. In her new position, Autumn will work with department managers from all three SIMONA AMERICA Group divisions as well as SIMONA AG (Germany), Sustainability department to develop and lead the U.S. approach to environmental sustainability.
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Agustin Lomeli Joins SIMONA Boltaron as Aerospace Business Development Manager
SIMONA AMERICA Group is pleased to announce that Agustin Lomeli has joined the company as Aerospace Business Development Manager in Central and South America.
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Alicia Spence Joins SIMONA AMERICA Group as Vice President of Sales and Distribution
SIMONA AMERICA Group is pleased to announce that Alicia Spence has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Distribution Strategy.
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Samantha Stacy Promoted to Technical Director for SIMONA AMERICA Group
As technical director, Ms. Stacy will lead product development, capability analysis, quality, and field services for all SIMONA AMERICA Group manufacturing companies.
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Tanya Saracino Hired as Business Development Manager for Continental Europe
Ms. Saracino will be responsible for supporting SIMONA Boltaron’s customers throughout Continental Europe. She will also work with the global business team to drive new business in aviation as well as other high-performance market segments.
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Rebecca Samson-Inclan Promoted to Brand Manager
As brand manager, Ms. Samson-Inclan will be focused on developing and implementing creative campaigns across media channels while overseeing brand consistency throughout internal departments, outside agencies and with SIMONA AMERICA Group’s partner customer base.
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SIMONA Boltaron Hires Two New Customer Service Team Members
SIMONA Boltaron is pleased to announce that Dana McConnell and Monica Rennicker joined the customer service department in September 2021.
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Our Global network of Thermoplastic Solutions

SIMONA Boltaron is a division of the SIMONA AMERICA Group – three high performing manufacturing facilities under one management and technical leadership group. Offering a diverse range of material technologies and expert solutions to our customers and partners all over the world. Visit the global SIMONA website.

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