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Reliability Meets Innovation

With low minimums, fast and flexible lead times, and dedicated customer support, SIMONA Boltaron is ready to be your partner for you demanding thermoplastic needs.

More than a Material Supplier

We’re passionate about providing solutions that go above and beyond delivering quality thermoplastic sheet materials. Ask us how we can help you with the product selection, part design, and thermoforming processes.

Textures To Choose From


Thanks to our combination of calendering and press lamination capabilities, we can offer our sheet in more thermoformable textures than any other material supplier. These textures can be reproduced from virtually anything – including woodgrains, leathers, and geometric patterns.

*Some textures have a natural waviness, which is most apparent in large sheet form.

Superior Thermoformability

All Boltaron grades are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions for consistent behavior during thermoforming. The material does not require pre-drying before thermoforming, leading to greater flexibility. We have the grade to meet your specific needs.

Can we help you select the best grade of sheet to meet your performance and design requirements?

Full Range of FAR-Rated Sheet for Aircraft Interior Components

SIMONA Boltaron materials are specially formulated to meet the performance specifications required for use in aircraft interiors.

Classified under the Boltaron 9000 Series and 4000 Series names, this broad range of available materials ensures that SIMONA Boltaron can recommend an exceptional material solution for your project.

9000 Series

9000 Series

9000 Series

Materials rated for flammability, smoke, and heat release.
Featuring Boltaron® 9815 High Impact.

4000 Series

4000 Series

4000 Series

Materials rated for flammability.
Featuring Boltaron® 4350 Clear.

Our Global network of Thermoplastic Solutions

SIMONA Boltaron is a division of the SIMONA AMERICA Group – three high performing manufacturing facilities under one management and technical leadership group. Offering a diverse range of material technologies and expert solutions to our customers and partners all over the world. Visit the global SIMONA website.

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