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Reliability Meets Innovation

With low minimums, fast and flexible lead times, and dedicated customer support, SIMONA Boltaron is ready to be your partner for your demanding thermoplastic needs.

Think cleanability. Think 9815N.

The most cleanable and cost-effective 65/65 rated thermoplastic sheet.

4355 Clear

4355 Clear

Think clear. Think 4355.

For passenger safety dividers that require FAR 25.853 (a) compliance, choose Boltaron 4355.

Digital Textures

Digital Textures

Think texture. Think Boltaron.

Apply real-life Boltaron textures to your 3D renderings.

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Take costs out of managing the thermoformed parts supply chain. Schedule an expert consultation to find out how we can help you be more cost-effective.


Designing products for healthcare, transportation and aviation environments has unique challenges as the need for cleanliness, passenger and patient safety are heightened. Here are some material design choices that you can make so that you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for cleanability.

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You imagine. Let’s innovate together.

Can we help you select the best grade of sheet to meet your performance and design requirements?
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Full Range of FAR-Rated Sheet for Aircraft Interior Components

SIMONA Boltaron materials are specially formulated to meet the performance specifications required for use in aircraft interiors.

Classified under the Boltaron 9000 Series and 4000 Series names, this broad range of available materials ensures that SIMONA Boltaron can recommend an exceptional material solution for your project.

9000 Series

9000 Series

9000 Series

Materials rated for flammability, smoke, and heat release.
Featuring Boltaron® 9815 High Impact.

4000 Series

4000 Series

4000 Series

Materials rated for flammability.
Featuring Boltaron® 4350 Clear.


Aircraft Interior Companies Combine Their Innovative Technologies to Combat COVID-19 on Aircraft
The new Molon Labe S2 Economy Class Seat features Boltaron 9815N FAR-rated sheet for the seat shell and tray table, as well as Tapis’s anti-microbial Promessa Ultrafabric for the seat upholstery.
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New Boltaron® 9815N Tested by GermFalcon® to WIthstand Long-Term Exposure to UV-C Disinfection
SIMONA Boltaron’s new FAR 25.853 (a) and (d) compliant material Boltaron® 9815N was developed to meet the critical needs of airlines in the post COVID-19 world.
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SIMONA Boltaron Earns AS9100 Certification
Signifying our ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding increasingly stringent industry requirements for aerospace related products for the interiors market.
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Company honored in the 2020 Stevie® Awards 
The customer service team for SIMONA Boltaron has been named a sales support team of the year in the 14th annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service.
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Recycling Aircraft Interiors
We’re working with our partner distributors and manufacturers to recycle plastic waste to be reused in innovative ways.
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“CEO Larry Schorr is leading the organizational restructuring of SIMONA AMERICA’s operations, which has put it in better stead for the future.” An Interview for CEO Magazine North America
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Our Global network of Thermoplastic Solutions

SIMONA Boltaron is a division of the SIMONA AMERICA Group – three high performing manufacturing facilities under one management and technical leadership group. Offering a diverse range of material technologies and expert solutions to our customers and partners all over the world. Visit the global SIMONA website.

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