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Environmental Impact


As a manufacturer of critical performance materials, SIMONA Boltaron is dedicated to using the safest and most environmentally conscious processes possible, and is continually evaluating new ways to make all of our products environmentally friendly for the good of our planet.

Made to Last

SIMONA Boltaron materials are manufactured for longevity, consistency, and the critical performance required for environments within aviation and mass transit interiors. SIMONA Boltaron sheet is primarily used to create aircraft interior components, in operation for the life cycle of an airline program, which can sometimes last more than ten years. This means the material must be made with outstanding impact and chemical resistance properties that are far superior to low grade single use plastics made with inferior raw materials. However, these plastics are still versatile, cost effective, and require less energy to produce than alternative materials, such as metal or glass.

Light Weight and Strong

Our lightweight materials contribute to weight reduction on aircraft and mass transit vehicles, leading to lower fuel and transportation costs. Even though they are light weight, these materials are some of the strongest and most impact resistant plastics, versatile in their areas of use. This enables less material to be used than with other plastics, and other materials, leading to lower fuel costs in mass transit applications.

100% Recyclable

We maximize recycling opportunities within our production process, and can recommend companies who can recycle SIMONA Boltaron scrap for you.

Manufacturing Efficiency

We are unique in being the only plastic sheet manufacturer for the aircraft interior industry that is able to extrude, calender, and press laminate sheet in one location. That means that all our products are made within one site, using similar chemical formulations. This enables us to recycle materials internally.

Smart Solutions

Our team of experts is committed to correctly matching the right material to the application, keeping in mind several factors, resulting in an optimum value proposition for long performance life.

Energy Efficiency

We continually work on improving our processes to ensure sparing use of resources and minimal impact on the environment. In a green lighting initiative, we reduced our energy consumption by 175,000 kilowatt hours and carbon emissions by more than 150 tons annually. For this initiative, we were selected for ‘GreenScene: Best New Program’ by the International Association of Plastics Distributors (IAPD).