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Mass Transit

Mass Transit Grade

Flame-retardant Docket 90 A Compliant Thermoplastic Sheet for Bus Interiors

Boltaron® 4800 sheet, extruded from a proprietary thermoplastic alloy, was formulated specifically for compliance with low smoke and flammability test criteria for aircraft and mass transit interior applications. This aircraft-rated material meets stringent FAR test requirements for low smoke emissions and flammability for interior components. It also satisfies ASTM E162 and ASTM E662 flammability and low smoke emission criteria and FTA, UMTA and Docket 90 A guidelines for passenger rail interiors.


■ Wide range of textures
■ High impact strength increases service life
■ Resistant to stains and cleaning chemicals
■ Behaves consistently lot to lot in thermoforming
■ Maintains uniform wall thickness even in deep draws


■ Unlimited


■ Sheet size: 120 x 60 in. (3,048 x 1,524 mm)
■ Gauges: from 0.040 to 0.250 in. (from 1.02 to 6.35 mm)

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