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Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems Looks to Boltaron® Materials to Enhance its PF3000 Line for “Project Surface”

Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems is a U.K.-based aircraft seating supplier focused on innovative designs that deliver exceptionally high-quality and functionally superior products. A recent example of Pitch’s innovation is the PF3000 seat line designed to help airlines provide more space and comfort for economy class passengers.

SIMONA Boltaron collaborated with Pitch, Design Q, designers of the PF3000, thermoformer Balform and other suppliers in creation of the sleek new airline seating that comfortably accommodates many different body types. Boltaron developed the seat backs and tray tables using its industry-leading 9000 series materials that meet all FAA requirements for flammability, smoke and heat release, in addition to Pitch’s precise space-saving and light-weighting specifications.

The end result is a product line that offers comfort typically associated with business class seating, providing class-leading passenger leg room in 28-inch pitch designs. The PF3000 fixed-back seat is pre-reclined with a curved back to suit the modern traveler’s needs with fewer parts than standard reclining seats.

The Boltaron seat backs and tray tables have strong impact resistance properties which allows for significant down gauging and weight reduction. As with all similar Boltaron products, the components of the Pitch seats can be customized for any airline’s program. Boltaron’s low-maintenance, durable sheet is available in a broad range of textures and colors that allows Pitch to offer the PF3000 in custom finishes even at low quantities.

Materials Used

Boltaron® 9815P Pressed Texture

Project Photos