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Heating and Forming Guidelines

Heating and Forming Guidelines


Heating Temperature Guidelines for Forming Boltaron Sheet


  • Make sure to heat the sheet uniformly. A shiny surface is evidence of heating too quickly
  • Forming temperatures range between 325° – 400 °F (163 – 204 °C) depending on sheet thickness
  • The internal (core) temperature should be within 10 °F (-12 °C) of the sheet’s surface temperature
  • Cycle times depend on oven conditions and the grade of Boltaron sheet
  • Refer to Boltaron product data sheets for specific forming temperatures by grade
  • Heater settings or percentage timers:
    • 30-50% top
    • 50-70% bottom

Typical Heating Conditions

Typical Heating Conditions

Oven Temperature Settings

These recommendations will help achieve the desired temperature profiles for heating Boltaron sheet:

  • Position the sheet at greater distance from the bottom heaters than the top heaters (*)
  • A higher temperature profile in the bottom heaters will contain the heat below the sheet, and allow it to be absorbed
    uniformly, reducing the necessary heating time (**)
  • A lower temperature profile in the top heaters helps avoid overheating, which can create unwanted gloss on the sheet surface (**)
  • A profile of 30% on the top heaters and 70% on the bottom provides a good baseline (*) (**)
  • Set perimeter temperatures 5 – 10% higher than other settings, depending on ambient temperature, to compensate
    for the effect of ambient air flow across the oven

(*) Only applicable with open-oven thermoforming machines where additional vertical spacing is necessary to allow for sheet sag and is dependent upon sheet size and material type.

(**) Dependent upon vertical spacing. A uniform surface temperature on the top and bottom of the sheet at the end of the heating is desirable for an initial setup.

How can we help?

If necessary, a qualified and experienced expert in the distinct properties and performance of SIMONA Boltaron sheet would be happy to visit your facility to train, diagnose, and guide the production of formed parts with the highest quality, best appearance, and longest service life. Contact us