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Incorrect heating is the most common cause, when a forming problem arises. If a probelm identify the possible cause and solution using the chart below.

Step 1: Check the heating times, temperatures, controls, and gauges

Heating Boltaron sheet too rapidly, at incorrect temperatures is the most common cauess of thermoforming problems. Verify the accuracy of the gauges and controls and correct the conditions as necessary.

Step 2: Review the information in this guide

If the cycle times and temperatures are correct and the problem still persists, review the possible causes and solutions below.

Troubleshooting Chart 1


How can we help?

If necessary, a qualified and experienced expert in the distinct properties and performance of SIMONA Boltaron sheet would be happy to visit your facility to train, diagnose, and guide the production of formed parts with the highest quality, best appearance, and longest service life. Contact us